Sunday, March 20, 2011

Diggers on the Brain

This week has been a week of starting projects. I have so many ideas rattling around in my head I just need to get them out. Mostly it's Easter and Little Boo's birthday bring out those ideas that just need to be created.

For Easter I've started two dump truck Easter baskets, one for each boy. I got started, again, on quilts that were suppose to be Christmas presents, but will now be Easter presents. I'm also thinking I'll throw in a crayon roll for each boy. Surprisingly they don't have any crayon rolls.

For the Little Boo's birthday I had to create a stuffed digger. I saw this one (pictured below) while surfing the net and I had to make a stuffed digger for Boo. Since I drew the plans (pattern?) out, I just keep thinking: diggers, loaders, rollers! How can I make those thing too! It's been occupying way too much of my thought process.

Along with all of that going on in my brain I also managed to get some work done on my donation to Angelheart Children's Shelter and do a total dog-scape. Look at my poor dog! He's so embarrassed but he'll be happier when it starts to warm up and he can swim instead of sink. All that furry fluff just drags him down.


  1. The quilt looks wonderful! Love it!!

  2. Thank you! My boys picked the fabrics out. I'm just sewing it together. =D