Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Money Roll Gift

When it comes to gift giving sometimes you just have to give money, after all giving money is easy for you and the person you are giving it too. But why does money have to be so anti-climatic? Slip a few bills into a card, the person opens it up smiles, says "thank you" and moves on. Boring! Hopefully this little trick will bring a memorable smile to your gift target!


The Money Roll


1 Box (this one is from the Dollar Tree)
1 Toilet Paper Roll
Tape, sissors, knife to cut slit, (ignore the straw...)

First get your money in all ones so that you have a lot of bills.

Tape them together on the small side. I alternated green side and black side, so that it looks cool. Or cooler than money already looks.

Get creative! Every couple of dollars or so I put in the faux dollar with well wishes for the newly wedded couple, love quotes, and humorous marriage advice. I will get the template for that faux dollar up as soon as my computer savvy husband can show me how to do it! =D

Cut your toilet paper tube so that it just fits inside the box.

Take your last dollar on the chain of dollars and tape it too the toilet paper tube. Now, roll it up, and keep rolling, keep rolling, it's going to take a long while.

Please ignore my chipped lime green nail polish!! ;-)

Draw a line a little bit bigger than your dollar and using that knife cut a slit in the top. Double check that the dollars will slide out easily. Place the toilet paper roll with the money rolled around it and put it inside the box.

Take a faux dollar, write "pull here" on it. Cut it so that it is a little bit larger than the hole that way it wont slip down into the box and ruin the surprise. Tape that to the first dollar on the roll. When the faux dollar is pulled it starts the chain of dollars.

At this point I hot glued the lid down so that if it is dropped it wont unroll.

Now wrap that box up and make it look pretty. I got this pretty pink bag in the Target dollar section today. The dollar section is all 75% off this weekend!

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