Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Welcome to Jake-A-Boo

I guess this is where I start off with a big "Welcome to Jake-A-Boo!" My name is Lindsey and I will be your host of the Jake-A-Boo blog. I am a mother of two little toddler-boo boys: Kyle and Jake. Since having my sons and staying home -all-day-long- I have dedicated myself to all the arts of home-making. The cooking, the cleaning, the care-taking and also those old arts of yore: crafting and creating. I have always been creative but my calling pre-little boos was to painting but you really can't oil paint with two active toddler boys running a muck. Not much gets done and your household is destroyed!

Thus, during my second pregnancy and with nesting hormones running a muck and a creativity jam lasting about a year, I decided I was going to make all the bedding and cute baby things for my Jake even though I had never so much as picked up a needle in my life. Off to Wal-Mart I went and bought their cheapest sewing machine, way too many yards of fabric and probably a king-sized Reese's. I never did totally complete Jake's bedding the learning curve was steep and I had no clue what I was going. Through blogs, You-Tube videos and my own problem solving skills I was able to stitch together a crib skirt, bumpers, a fleece blanket and a ribbon tab quilt. It took me 5 months but I did it.

Since then I have been learning more and adding to my skill with each and every project. One thing I have always wanted to do is blog about it all. Blogs were a huge part in how I learned what I learned and I want to show others how it happens.

With that, again, welcome to Jake-A-Boo!

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