Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Big Things This Past Weekend

 Big things this past weekend!

We saw Thomas. There he is with Mr. Kyle! Anyone with toddlers you have to do this. It was great. There was a little fare with lots of train related activities. Wooden train tables, train crafts, train blocks, miniature rail roads running, Sir Topenhat was there and we got to ride a REAL train, pulled by Thomas, for 25 minuets. Day Out with Thomas will be in Cedar Park this fall. Thanks planning ahead and making this day really special we did not have one single toddler meltdown the entire day not even on the way out.

The train hats were a hit with Mr. Kyle. 

The Boo could have cared less about them. He just wanted to hold it. 

The Money Roll was a great hit with the Newly Weds this weekend.  It got its own facebook photobook by the bride and groom. The only gift that did. It's money on a roll what's not to love? =D

I've also been working on the donation to the Angel Heart Children's Shelter. I know I've been saying it for awhile, but now I have pictures to prove I have actually done something! It's not the best fabric combination I have come up with but I think it's cute none the less.

This is a fully lined, preschool/kindergarten sized, ladybug picnic backpack with crayon caddy front pocket. The pattern is from Pattern Play, a cute little shop on Etsy. I made one for Mr. Kyle when he started preschool and it has held up so well. It really is a very well thought out pattern.

The back: complete with adjustable straps

I also made a matching crayon roll, which I think it is super cute
with the little black bias tape over the lip of the pockets

Big floppy bow

Still to come for the charity auction a matching insulated lunch box, reusable sandwich and snack bag and little girl's half apron. I will have tutorials for all of those coming up at the end of the week!

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